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The One Unspoken

New Book coming in September, 2018, from Curiosity Quills Press! In "The One Unspoken" a white girl and a free black boy collide and fall into forbidden love in antebellum Louisiana, awakening ghosts of past tragedy which they battle to transcend. Watch this space for updates, and if you want to be included on my mailing list with info on this and other books I've written or am writing, please email me. Address on the contact page or click here!


The riveting conclusion of the Bound trilogy, out now!



The exciting sequel to Bound, out now!


What happens when an angel falls?

"...a dark tale of a young girl slowly realising that she isn't who she always thought she was...original, well-written, clever and I really, really want to read the sequel." - Booking in Heels


Serendipity is a tale of love, lost and found.

Sand Daughter

"This is an epic filled with emotion and rich with atmosphere - as heady as the hashish smoke swirling around the desert tents."

- Sara Wilson, Historical Novels Review

The Other Eden

"Lush, sensual, musical and dangerously seductive, The Other Eden is a rare vision of a corrupt, irresistible paradise. Enter this novel at your peril; leave it only with profound regret. The Other Eden will haunt you, and your dreams."

- J.D. Landis, author of Lying in Bed, Longing and The Valley


Kindle edition of the original hand-bound multi-media edition including the text of the novel, plus drawings and etchings, photos and poetry.

City of the Sun

"Its genius defies classification...too deep to be simply a thriller, too real to be merely sci-fi, too exciting to be satire and altogether too much fun to be literature. The result is extraordinary - an intricate, intelligent, swift-paced and satisfying masterpiece."

- Robert Finn, Author of bestselling thriller Adept